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21 July 2009
  1. It has been a very long time since I have done some real updates to this site. This is in part because I am looking for a way to give the site a more modern look, and still haven't found something that is satisfactory. The changes would also imply that I redo all the hieroglyphic texts and all the images, so that may still take a while.
  2. Added some publicity links to all pages to a Tour Operator working from Germany.
2 July 2008
  1. Added some recent new discoveries. Since it's been a while, there's a backlog in newsitems, which I hope to solve in the coming weeks.
15 March 2008
  1. Some minor corrections and additions.
1 September 2007
  1. I have moved The Ancient Egypt Bibliography to the section World Wide Ancient Egypt. If you have direct links to any of the bibliography pages, you may need to revise them.
    I have also added several new entries in the Bibliography chapter.
11 August 2007
  1. It's been a while since the previous update, but things have been rather hectic recently, including a fake virus alert. In any case, there have been several discoveries in Egypt over the past month, which have been added to the News Section.
  2. I also added some new sites to the Ancient Egypt on the Internet chapter, particularly in the Weblogs, Pictures (both with thanks to Nigel Strudwick) and Language sections.
1 July 2007
  1. Added a news item about the "identification" of the mummy of Hatshepsut.
26 June 2007
  1. Updated the page about the 19th Dynasty, to include a more detailed historical overview of the era and some additional images.
  2. Added the find of the mummy of Seneferi to the Discovery News section.
  3. Added some extra links to the Ancient Egypt on the Internet section and some societies that are active in Belgium and in the Netherlands.
  4. Rearranged the pages with links to other Egyptology sites somewhat, creating a new page that deals with Journals, Forums and Weblogs.
  5. I am also working on some cosmetic changes, visible already in the chapters that are part of the World Wide Ancient Egypt section.
    These changes will be applied to all pages, but as there are over 800 pages already, it may take some time to adapt all the pages.
21 May 2007
  1. Added two recent Belgian discoveries in Egypt to the Discovery News section.
18 April 2007
  1. I completely removed the Shopping Area.
24 March 2007
  1. Added a map of Egypt and the Ancient Near East to the page about the 18th Dynasty, in order to make Egypt's military expansion more clear in a graphical way.
12 March 2007
  1. Rewrote the page about the 18th Dynasty, to include a brief history and some images that relate to to era.
  2. Updated the Discovery News, which was somewhat overdue.
19 February 2007
  1. The Discovery News section has been updated with information about the find of a new 18th Dynasty tomb at Saqqara.
12 February 2007
  1. Updated the Discovery News section with some more information about the find of three sarcophagi in Saqqara, and moved the discoveries made in 2006 to a separate page.
  2. Minor technical update that should be transparent for the readers.
30 January 2007
  1. Improved the navigation options in the "More" area at the bottom of each page. This improvement should also benefit Firefox users.
  2. Changed the ads at the bottom of the screen somewhat.
18 December 2006
  1. Rewrote the page about the 2nd Dynasty.
  2. Added a page about Khasekhemwi, the last king of the 2nd Dynasty.
  3. Added thumbnails to the list of kings at the bottom of several pages giving an overview of a dynasty.
4 December 2006
  1. Updated the information on the family of Netjerikhet, including a short page about queen Hetephernebti and princess Inetkawes.
  2. Added a brief biography for princess Sithathor Iunit, including pictures of some of her jewellery that was found in her tomb at Illahun.
  3. Updated the page about the funerary complex at Illahun, where Sithathor Iunit was buried.
  4. Added the titularies of the 13th Dynasty kings Nerikare, Qemaw, Mentuhotep V and Seankhptahi.
  5. For the 14th Dynasty, I have added the titularies of Yakbim, Ya'ammu, 'Ammu, Khakare and Djedkare Aanati.
  6. For the 15th Dynasty, Aper-Anati and Sakir-Har.
  7. Added the titularies of all kings (except two) of the 16th Dynasty.
  8. Added the titularies of all the kings of the 17th Dynasty, as well as the biographies of Senakhetenre, Seqenenre and Kamose.
  9. Added the letter Y to the "A to Z" and made some further technical change to the "A to Z" pages.
  10. Renamed the individual Literature pages. This may result in some "Page not Found" errors, for those who have direct links to these pages.
  11. Further enhancements of the layout for Firefox users. This should be transparent for IE users.
21 November 2006
  1. Added a page about an unfinished 13th Dynasty pyramid between Saqqara South and Dashur.
  2. Added a link to an external website where you can learn hieroglyphs online.
4 November 2006
  1. I have improved the navigability of this site, by adding navigation panes at the bottom of pages which did not already have one.
  2. Continued with the optimisation for Firefox users. Most overlaps should now be solved and switching between tabs at the bottom of some pages is now enabled. Linespacing is somewhat better now in Firefox as well but Firefox users may still notice some oddities.
7 October 2006
  1. Added a translation of the Dream Stela that was found in front of the Great Sphinx of Giza.
  2. Improved the navigation of the History pages.
  3. I modified the way the alphabetic list of the A to Z functions, so that it will load somewhat faster and will also work even if you do not have javascript enabled.
  4. I started optimising some pages for viewing with Firefox. There should be less pages with overlapping text or images in Firefox. The majority of the 700+ pages of this site still need to be optimized, so it will take a lot of time before the entire site can be viewed in both IE and Firefox.
  5. Some minor technical changes intended to make maintenance of some pages easier and to make this site complient to IE7 when it is released. These changes should mainly be transparent.
  6. I couldn't help moving some pages to a different folder, as a preparation for some extensions I anticipate to do in a distant future. This may result in some "404 - Page Not Found" error messages.
12 September 2006
  1. Completed the overview of royal pyramides at Giza with a desciption of the funerary complex of Mykerinos.
  2. Added a new triad statue representing Hathor, flanked by Wenet and Mykerinos and updated some of the images on that page.
  3. Added a page about the Pyramid of Qemaw near Dashur.
  4. Added a page about the Pyramid of Khendjer, between Saqqara and Dashur.
  5. Applied a fix for the rather annoying "Click to activate and use this control" feature in Internet Explorer.
  6. Several additions to the Discovery News section since the last announced update.
01 August 2006
  1. News Update: Radar scans have revealed what could be the presense of a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Read all about it.
24 July 2006
  1. Links of several pages have been corrected so that they no longer result in the "Page Not Found" error.
14 July 2006
  1. Completely rewrote the text about the 2nd Intermediate Period, including the king lists of the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th Dynasties.
  2. I also slightly modified the timeline to make it conform with this re-write and at the same time I solved a problem that Firefox users were experiencing with the timeline.
  3. Added several new entries in the chapter Internet Links.
  4. I moved the site from Yahoo! to iPower, which prompted me to change the search boxes that I had on some pages, to a search link. That aside, the move to iPower should be fairly transparent to the readers.

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