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Museum Overview

The M.C. Carlos Museum started as a general museum in 1876 when it was set up on the original campus of the Emory University in Oxford, Georgia, Atlanta. Since the beginning both the University and the Museum have grown and the Museum has become one of the most important Art Museums in the southeast of the United States. It has many impressive permanent art collections including Ancient America, Near Eastern, African, Asian and Ancient Egyptian.

In addition to the permanent collections the Museum also mounts temporary exhibitions and hosts traveling exhibitions in order to keep the museum alive and interesting. These exhibitions are of paramount importance for locals who continue to visit the museum over and over again because there is always something new and interesting to see.

Currently showing at the museum is the exhibition: Artists in Georgia: Contemporary Works from the Collection. This exhibition features nineteen drawings, prints and photographs created since 1970 by fifteen Georgian artists – this will be of particular interest to local Georgians.

The M.C. Carlos Museum also plays a very important part in education. It has both a teaching laboratory and a conservation center where they publish important scholarly catalogues and run educational programs of a very high standard. 

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Egyptian Collection

Carlos MuseumThe Egyptian Art Collection at the M.C. Carlos Museum gives visitors a chance to see, through a wide spectrum of impressive and beautiful Egyptian artifacts, how history developed in Egypt from the earliest prehistoric times to the period of Roman domination. As you walk through the gallery you can see Egyptian history unfolding before your eyes through the different styles and colors of the different times.

At the heart of the Egyptian art collection lie the findings of Emory Professor William Shelton who traveled to Egypt in 1920. Included in the artifacts that Professor Shelton acquired is the oldest Egyptian mummy in the Americas.

In 1999 the Egyptian collection grew when the museum purchased some very impressive Egyptian antiquities from a small, private museum in Niagara Falls, Canada. The artifacts from Niagara included an identified male mummy. Joint research between museum scholars and medical experts from Emory University revealed that this mummy was that of the lost Pharaoh, Ramesses I. After this revelation the museum returned the Mummy to Egypt as a gift of goodwill and international cultural cooperation. 

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