Huni is considered as the last king of the 3rd Dynasty. In the Turin Kinglist he immediately preceedes Snofru, the founder of the 4th Dynasty. The same Kinglist credits him with a reign of 24 years, but there are no contemporary sources that confirm this number.

The Horus-name of Huni is not known. The equation of Huni with the Horus Qa-Hedjet is tempting but not supported by the archaeological record.

The remains of several small pyramids built by Huni have been found scattered throughout Egypt. The nature of these pyramids is not fully understood, but they appear to be related to royal estates and domains, the means by which the central government was able to exert economical control over the entire country.

The assumption that Huni built the Pyramid at Meidum is based solely on the desire to have a large monument ascribed to this king. His name is not found in or near the monument, which makes it rather unlikely that he was its builder. It is, however, more likely that it was Snofru, the first king of the 4th Dynasty, who built this pyramid, since his name has been found in the pyramid's vicinity.

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