Mentuhotep III was the son and successor of Mentuhotep II. He is attested as "eldest son of the king" in his father's mortuary temple in Deir el-Bahari.

Because of his father's long reign, he may already have been relatively old by the time he reached the throne. The Turin King-list has recorded 12 years for this king.

After the military reign of his father, Mentuhotep III's reign was peaceful. The king's main concern was no longer the conquest of new territory, but the protection of Egypt against foreign states and roaming Bedouin. The cult for this Mentuhotep in the eastern Delta is probably related to his policy to fortify the north-eastern border against the Asian nomads.

The most important event during this king's reign was an expedition, led by a man named Henenu, through the Wadi Hammamat to the Red Sea and from there to the legendary land of Punt, from where many exotic products and incense were brought to Egypt.

Despite its relatively short duration, this reign has produced several temples throughout Upper-Egypt, from the southern most border in Elephantine, over Elkab, Tod and Armant to Abydos, as evidenced by a relief found in Armant.

A tomb was apparently started for this king, near Deir el-Bahari, but it was left unfinished.

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