The 1894 excavations of French archaeologist De Morgan at Dashur yielded this fine wooden statue of the ephemeral 13th Dynasty king Hor I. It measures 1m70 in height and stands in a 2m high wooden shrine.

The statue does not represent the king himself, but rather his Ka. This is symbolised by the two upraised arms, the hieroglyph used to write the word Ka, on the head of the statue.

The eyes of the statue of inlaid with stones and crystals, giving them a realistic and lively appearance. They are outlined with bronze. The nose of the statue is narrow and there is a slight smile on its mouth.

The body is represented in a striding pose, with his left foot forward. His left arm is pushed forward as well, suggesting that the statue would once have been holding a staff, reaching the ground. The right arm is hanging next to the body. A hole in the fist indicates that there used to be a kherep scepter in this hand.

Aside from a wig and a belt around the hip, this figure is represented naked. Some holes in the belly, however, suggest that the statue may once have been clad with a loin cloth.

This statue is on display in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.

- Wooden Ka Statue -

  13th Dynasty   Ka Statue    
  Reniseneb   Titulary    
  Hor I        
  Sekhemre Khutawi        


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