Although they are both placed in the 17th Dynasty, Senakhetenre does not appear to have been a descendant of his predecessor, Sobekemsaf II.

He is, however, believed to be the first king of the royal house that would eventually succeed in ridding Egypt of the Hyksos yoke. This is based on the assumption that he was married to queen Teti-sheri, mother of Seqenenre en perhaps of Kamose as well, and grandmother of Ahmose, three kings that have played a pivotal role in the war against the foreign occupation by the Hyksos.

The problem with the reign of Senakhetenre is that there are no contemporary sources that mention his name. He is only known through later sources, which often connect him with his successors, suggesting indeed that there was a family relationship.

The attribution of the nomen Ta'a (or Ta'o) is based on a misinterpretation of a papyrus dealing with the inspection of the royal tombs in the late New Kingdom which actually mentions either the second inspection of a tomb of Seqenenre Ta'a or the inspection of a second tomb of this king rather than the inspection of the tomb of Senakhetenre Ta'a.

The actual nomen of Senakhetenre, Siamun, may perhaps have been found on a seal impression in a 17th Dynasty tomb, alongside a seal impression with the prenomen of Seqenenre. This could suggest a connection between Siamun and Seqenenre, and as Seqenenre's nomen was Ta'a, it is very tempting to speculate that Siamun was Senakhetenre's nomen.

As there are no contemporary sources that mention Senakhetenre, nothing is known about his administration, not about his attitute towards the Hyksos.

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