Seqenenre was the son of Queen Teti-sheri. As Teti-sheri also held the title of "King's Wife", it is reasonable to accept that Seqenenre was the son of a king and it can be assumed that this king was in fact Seqenenre's predecessor, Senakhetenre.

Seqenenre seems to have been married to three of his sisters:

Contrary to popular beliefs, Seqenenre's successor Kamose does not appear to have been listed as one of his children. Most of Seqenenre's children have the element "Ahmose" in their name, making it even less likely that Kamose was his son. Although the exact relationship between these two men is not known, the fact that the royal line of Seqenenre was continued after Kamose, may suggest that they were indeed related to each other, perhaps as brothers.

Although there are no known contemporary sources that confirm this, Seqenenre is often assumed to have initiated hostilities with the Hyksos king Apophis, who ruled over a large part of Egypt from his Delta-capital of Avaris.

This is based, in part, on an unfortunately fragmentary late New Kingdom text that tells the story of a quarrel between the two kings. The story itself is, obviously not a valid historical source as it is clearly fictitional, but its existance does indicate that popular memory had preserved traces of a conflict between Seqenenre and the Hyksos.

That Seqenenre indeed may have been involved in some military activity, seems to be confirmed by his mummy, which shows clear marks of a violent death. Although it is possible that Seqenenre was murdered by one or at most two assailants during his sleep, the fact that all the wounds are located on the king's head, may indicate that the rest of his body was covered by some protective armour, which would place Seqenenre on a battlefield at the time of his death.

In would in any case be up to Seqenenre's successor to finally expell the Hyksos rulers from the country.

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