The exact nature of Kamose's relationship with his predecessor Seqenenre and his successor Ahmose is not known. It has long been assumed that Kamose was a son of Seqenenre, making him an elder brother or halfbrother of Ahmose, but as most of Seqenenre's children have the element "Ahmose" as part of their name and since Kamose is not listed among the many children of Seqenenre, this hypothesis is not really tenable.

Kamose's policies make it clear that he was a (young) adult when he came to power. Ahmose, on the other hand, was still a child when he became king, making the age difference between Kamose and Ahmose rather large. That too would make it quite difficult for Seqenenre to have been Kamose's father.

On the other hand, it would be unlikely for someone who was not a leading member of the royal family, to impose himself between the natural succession between father (Seqenenre) and son (Ahmose). The sudden death of Seqenenre may have compelled an older male member of the royal family, perhaps a brother of the deceased king, to assume kingship.

A marriage to a queen named Ahhotep II has not been generally accepted because this queen is attested only by one coffin that could perhaps have belonged to Ahhotep I. In any case, if the name is to be taken literally and in reference to Kamose, then this king had at least one daughter, Sit-Kamose ("daughter of Kamose"). Two princes, Djehuti and Teti, mentioned in an inscription found in Nubia may perhaps be sons of Kamose.

The highest attested year for Kamose is his third year, when he ordered two stelae to be erected in the temple of Karnak to record his military activities against the Hyksos. Although it is generally assumed that it was Seqenenre who initiated the hostilities between the Thebans and the Hyksos, Kamose's stelae are the first known contemporary sources related to the Hyksos wars.


The upper half of one of the stelae documenting the wars of Kamose to rid Egypt of the Hyksos yoke.

During his campaigns, Kamose was able to push his northern border with the Hyksos further north, from Cusae in Middle Egypt, to at least Sako, about halfway between Cusae and the Fayum oasis or perhaps even as far as just south of Atfih, between the Fayum oasis and the old capital of Memphis. The capture of Memphis itself is not mentioned in the remaining fragments of the two stelae and it is clear that Avaris, the Hyksos capital in the Nile Delta, was not captured during these campaigns.

There was also a punitive expedition into the Bahariya oasis in Egypt's western desert.

There are some indications that there was a brief corregency between Kamose and his successor, Ahmose. Two rock-inscriptions in Nubia mention the names of both kings followed by the formula "bestowed with life", an indication that both men were alive when the inscriptions were made. On stylistic grounds, it appears that the names of Ahmose are not a later addition to an already existing inscription of Kamose.

There is no mention of Ahmose on the Karnak stelae dated to year 3 of Kamose, so it is likely that the corregency between these two kings started only after Kamose's campaigns against the Hyksos in the north.

Kamose was buried in a tomb in Dra' Abu el-Naga, on the Theban Westbank. His mummy was found to have turned to dust.


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