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The falcon-god Horus is one of the most important gods of Ancient Egypt. He is the divine personification of the kingship and the god of the heavens at the same time.

From the Early-Dynastic Period on, Horus is associated with the (divine) kingship of Egypt. The king is a Horus, the bodily representation of the last real god to have ruled Egypt. This is reflected in the oldest title of the Egyptian kings, the Horus-name, where the king is called "Horus NN". The representations of Horus wearing the double crown confirm his relationship with the Egyptian monarchy.

As the living king was a Horus, when he died, his successor became the new living image of Horus and the dead king became Osiris, Horus' father. The cyclic renewal of the creation was thus ensured by the constantly renewing monarchy. As the heir of Osiris, Horus also represents all that is just and right. After Osiris was murdered by his brother Seth, his heritage was claimed by Seth, who tried to cast aside Osiris' legal heir. With the help of his mother Isis, Horus demands justice and attacks his uncle. When Horus emerges victoriously from his battles with Seth, Osiris' heritage is given to him, ending the chaos and uncertainty of Seth's rule. Because of his battles against injustice, Horus is also seen as a protector-god, a god who attacks and destroys evil where- and whenever he can. 

As the god of the heavens, he is often represented as a falcon or as a man with the head of a falcon. As such, he is the protector of the heaven and of the sun god Re.

 There are several "forms" of Horus:

Two times Horus at his temple in Edfu. On the foreground as a falcon, wearing the double crown and in the background as a falcon-headed man wearing the same crown.

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