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Seth, the god of confusion, represents chaos and disorder, the constant and eternal challenge to order of creation. He is responsible for the destructive forces of nature: the howling storms, thunder and the rain.

But Seth is not an evil god: he is the god who committed the immoral and evil act of murdering his brother Osiris, but it was this vile act that allowed Osiris to fulfil his destiny and become the god of the dead. Without Seth, there would not have been life after death.

That Seth was not entirely an evil god is demonstrated by the name Seti ("the one belonging to Seth") and by the fact that one of Ramesses II's legions was called "division of Seth".

After Osiris' death, Seth claimed the heritage of his brother, unrightfully, though, and after some battles, the heritage was given to the son of Osiris, Horus. When Seth is represented along side with Horus, crowning a king, it is the ultimate attestation that the gods agree that this particular king should hold his office.

Seth is a powerful god and in some myths he is the protector of the solar god. This demonstrates that Seth is not opposed to creation itself, he is the chaotic element within creation. When tamed, his power can be used for good, against the foes of Egypt.

Despite Seth's ambiguous nature, he will always be represented as evil in sanctuaries dedicated to Osiris, Isis and Horus, his mythological opponents.


Ramesses III is crowned by Horus on the left and Seth on the right.