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Museum Overview

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the Walters Art Museum is an internationally famous museum and is the home to a wealth of fascinating art pieces. The majority of the pieces in the Walters Art Museum collection were accumulated by father and son, William and Henry Walters. During the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, these two men gathered almost 22,000 art pieces that originate from different places around the world.

Initiated by the Walters' original collection, the art museum currently boasts over 28,000 articles and works of art among its various galleries and exhibitions. The art treasures featured at the museum have global origins and range from artefacts from ancient Egypt, Ethiopia and Southeast Asia to the more modern Europe of the 20th century.

The Walters Art Museum hosts temporary and permanent exhibitions and also features various educational programs for the benefit of schools and the local community.

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Egyptian Collection

The Egyptian collection at the Walters Art Museum is a large and impressive exhibition that presents an insight into ancient Egyptian civilization and allows its visitors to explore and marvel at the wonder of life in ancient Egypt times.  This collection contains attractive and fascinating artifacts of which some date back to pre-dynastic Egypt. The collection covers different times in Egyptian history and includes art works from early dynastic Egypt, the Old, Middle and New Kingdom and the Roman period.

Walters Art Museum

The dramatic entrance to the Egyptian exhibition at the museum demands the visitor's attention and is characterized by the presence of two large statues. This is a permanent exhibition at the museum and may be accessed during regular museum opening hours.

The exciting collection of Egyptian artifacts includes a wide assortment of items ranging from small jewels and large statues to sculptures and ancient mummy masks.  A particularly attractive feature of this collection is the presence of two huge statues of the goddess Sekhmet that weigh 3,000 pounds.  This is a large collection of Egyptian art and historical items that includes pieces from what was believed to be normal daily use in regular life, such as a necklace, a box with a lid and items from coffins.

The Egyptian collection at the Walters Art Museum enables visitors to grasp an understanding and a feel of the ancient Egyptian civilization and offers an attractive and interesting way to experience ancient Egypt. 

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